Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MAy Order

24.05.10~80pcs almond cluster.order from en.adil fr tg malim.thanx for this order

24.05.10~260pcs almond cluster & brownies...tq k mas for this order

22.05.10~15pcs lolychoc from bkt aman

19.05.10~order 3 pcs praline choc w guddy bag..for teacher's day

19.05.10~ thanx for this order

16.05.10~ fr k sumi s alam...request nk white turqoise theme...thanx for this order

16.05.10~ customers order from kL (my SIL freinds) lupa nk tanya nama ..brownies cheese cake & 18 pcs praline choc....tq for this order's..

14.05.10-simple deco..special for my sister yg teringin n terliur nk sister ni pon
'hantu' coklat..heheh

11.05.10~brownies cheese cake with buttercream scotch ~order dr my SIL..bandar tasik puteri..thanx for this order

11.05.10~thanx for k norinani fr KL

11.05.10~fr k Norain fr KL..thanx for this order..

close up...
11.05.10~400pcs almond cluster..repeat order fr k mas,thanx for this order...

30.04.10-almond cluster order fr hanie AP..thanks hope enjoy k

27.04.10~truffles order fr en kid AP...thanks for this order

Starting may 10...all the customers order i put in this all viewers bo tgk...x lah pening sgt kan nk view jauh2....layanz!!

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