Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tempahan 03.03.10

spend time with my chocolate...

NeW!! soft bitter dark heart shape w strawberry filling
::my SweeT HeaRt

Order dr bos en. Suami....tq k mas . ni 1st phase punya diliver utk sis in law yg nk blk dubai.. for souvenier n promotion maybe..get another 2nd phase dilivery esok for 2 box 35pcs, 2 box 250g, 1 box 200g & 1 box in 15pcs choc semua choc order dr kmas TQ lagi sekali..... n tenkiu juga pd en. Suami yg byk mbantu n beri commitment pd anak n my home....maklumlah maid pon dh mmg x tercover dgn 2 tgn jer utk handle whatever baik anak2 & umah.... ready for diliver esok pagi.....siap posing kejap....

35pcs choc in 35cav box...update new version....strawberry filling & will be upgrade new design & new flavour next time....tenkiu :)

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